Training at the Garswood Dojo
Training is held on Mondays and Thursdays with classes conducted in structured sections.  Classes usually begin with a traditional Karate warm up, followed by some basic techniques of karate used to tune your mind and body. After this the class then moves into self defence, covering realistic and practical techniques.
Sessions are usually concluded with the practise of kata, pad work, or various other aspects of Goju ryu. Sessions vary greatly, and each person is only expected to train to their capabilities and experience. There is free time at the end of each session to further consider any aspects of the lesson students wish, or for personal training and practise. Help is always at hand from Sensei Bewley or one of the senior Dan grades to answer any questions or provide guidance. The club welcomes anyone wishing to try Goju Ryu Karate and train in a friendly and intelligent manner.
Please contact us at the address or contact number below.
Dojo (Training Hall)
Garswood Goju ryu academy of Karate-do classes are held at:
St Andrews Mission hall,
Garswood road,
Near Wigan.

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Classes Garswood DoJo
Monday 7.00pm-7.50pm (children)
Monday 8.00pm-9.00pm (adults)
Thursday 7.00pm-7.50pm (children)
Thursday 8.00pm-9.00pm (adults)
Saturday  10.00am-12.00pm (Open session) please check for regular up dates on the news page for Saturday training 
Classes Buckshaw DoJo
Tuesday 19.00pm-19.55pm (children)
Tuesday 20.00pm-21.00pm (adults)
For more details, contact Tony on

Mobile:  07812 111145


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